Tuesday, February 7, 2012

2012 short hairstyles for women and men

mens haircut 2012

Short hair is something men are accustomed to. In fact, only a few men resorted to long hair to create a new look for themselves. Well, we have to admit that nothing beats short hair in men.

There are plenty of names making the list for short haircuts in men. Some of course favor the pixie style while others go for the Mohawk. However, for the year 2012, there are some names that will have to be included in your list of options.

2012 short haircuts for men

The first on the list is called the spiky buzz cut. This is one that is perfect for men with thin hair. The cut fits exactly the name with which it is called. A spike is slightly created on the front area while a buzz cut is also made.

David Beckham Fauxhawk 2012

The second, on the other hand, is called the faux hawk or a slight modification of the Mohawk hairstyle. The hair found on the sides is cut into short crop. The remaining portion on the middle hair is styled frontwards and upwards.

2012 Short hair trends: trendy short haircuts for women

Emma Watson pixie haircut 2012

If men do have their share of short hair trends for 2012, so do women get their counterpart for these fashionable hairstyles. The latest inclusion on the list is the short wavy bob. The waved bob, as it is called by hairstylists, gives an edge to women who once had long hair and want to have a bob just above the shoulders. The wave created out of the cut will make it look shorter.

short punk hairstyle 2012

Punk short hairstyles will also make a name in the world of short hairstyles for women in 2012. These can be styled according to the needs and the look wanted by the wearer. Some highlights will make the style more noticeable.

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