Friday, March 2, 2012

Punk Hair Color Style Fashion

Punk is a look, an attitude, a subculture. Influenced from various cultures, art movements and music scenes,  punk has taken on a life of its own. The punk hairstyle transcends the realm of just styling your hair and becomes a way to express individuality without societal boundaries. The inspiration for the look comes from within. The style may be moody, dark and mysterious. It may be fun, loud and brash. 70's retro is even described by some as punk. The one thing all punk styles have in common is they turn heads.

A bizarre Mohawk, asymmetrical style, shaved scalp or vibrant color can quickly draw attention for someone wanting to get noticed in a conservative society. A punk rock hairstyle can be traced to the distinctive and unusual features.

Deathrock and horror punk fashion is similar to goth fashion. Black is the predominant shade. Deathrock and horror punk incorporates a sexier image, incorporating fishnets, corsets and elaborate make-up for men and women. The use of occult and horror imagery is prevalent on T-shirts, buttons, patches and jewellery. Other common adornments include band names painted on jackets or bleached into clothes, as well as buttons or patches indicating cities. The initials D and R (for Death Rock) is sometimes part of a crossbone logo, accompanied by other initials, such as C and A for California, N and Y for New York, or G and R for Germany. Hair may be in a deathhawk style (a wider teased-out variant of the mohawk hairstyle), an angled bangs style, or a devilock style.

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